"Local rapper Roy French first caught my eye and ear with 2014's Face God, which I liked for its vivid artwork and psychedelic flair. Yesterday French dropped a mixtape called Vroom, and he seems to have figured out how to use the colors on his palette with more precision and restraint—he's at his best when he goes monochromatic."

-Chicago Reader

"is a strategist. Familiar with his opponent, he approaches from more than one angle. In addition to rapping, he dabbles in producing, promising to soon release “cold ass electronic beats.” Outside of the music itself, French even dabbles in thinking up ideas for improving the distribution of Chicago artists. Noting the absence of an established center for the release of Chicago music, he offers a solution: “If we were all under one label, the industry would have to take us all up at one time. If we had our own industry, it would be way easier to be noticed. It took me so many years – four to five years – just to get noticed on a big press outside of Chicago. Chicago needs its own MMG or something like that."

-Respect Mag